Day 1

24 hours of flight to Japan

21st December 2015
Mana and I woke up at 3:45am. Our flight was Alitalia Airline at 7am from Heathrow Airport so we had to leave ours at 4am. We had Christmas party the day before. We couldn't sleep at all. A cab came to pick us up at 4 and we were sleeping on the way to the airport.

After 2 hours flight, we landed at Rome first. We had to stay 4 hours at there to transfer to another flight. We had lunch at the food court in Rome Airport. Pasta was cheap (€3) and the taste was good. This is Rome indeed.

The first meal we had in Japan was sushi at Kaisen Misaki-kou in the airport. We spent ¥5,000 for two. I ate Hikarimono such as Aji, Shime-saba, Kohada after a long time. They were the best.

I took bus to get my home. The bus went to Kisarazu in Chiba where is an hour away from the airport. I slept the whole journey. I woke up when the bus driver announced at Kisarazu station. When I got out the bus, I was still in a half sleep and a bit panicking where I was.

Bought contact lens solution (¥615) at FamilyMart

Home sweet home. My home is 15 mins away from Kisarazu by car. 8 years old Kikujiro waited for me at the entrance. I had't seen him for 3 years. My parents named him from Takeshi Kitano film which is Kikujiro (1999). I took him dog-walking and had my mom's home cooking for dinner.