Day 9

Bring back memories of my 20s

29th December 2015
We stayed at night (morning) at Satsuki-san's and slept for 5 hours. She is sharing the place with Nobu-kun. Mana and I used to stay at this place 3 years ago for a couple of months. The building is really old so the celling is really low but it's cosy. You need to walk with a stoop when you enter the room. Also you need to bend your body to use the toilet. I felt everything in Japan was smaller than used to be.

After an hour chat with Nobu-kun, we went to Omotesando Hills for lunch and had Chirashi Suchi.

I headed for Hotel Claska at Gakugei Daigaku to meet up with Okuma-san who is a director at a life style shop, CLASKA Gallery&Shop "DO". I met him when we worked for Tsubasa-No-Ohkoku which is the in-flight magazine of All Nippon Airways (ANA). That was long time ago it's been more than 10 years. I was still teen. I had not seen him after quitting the job so it was very nostalgic moment.

Yasaiya Mei Omotesando

I left 5:30pm at Hotel Claska and headed for Ebisu Liquid Room. There was a party at the night which was organised by TOKYO NO.1 SOUL SET. I went to there to see Yuhi-san's band, Hoff Dylan. I used to work for his company, Genius at Work, when I was early 20s.

I did not have any alcohol on the day but still hangover at that time. I left the venue around 9pm and back to home by bus. I fell asleep in the bus. My mom prepared dinner for me when I got home.