Day 7

Chiba, Tokyo and Gunma

27th December 2015
My mom cooked sandwiches with pumpkin soup for breakfast. Also melon bread a.k.a melon pan. She lifted us to Mitsui Outlet Mall where is just 10 mins away by car. People come from everywhere even from abroad.

Mana and I took a bus on Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line to Tokyo. Tokyo became really close to my home because of it. When I was child it did not exist yet so had to take a train which takes 2 hours and half to get Tokyo but now it takes just an hour from home by bus.

We went to Ginza to meet up with Mana's family. They've booked luxury Yakiniku place, Yugentei. We had lunch and drink at there. We would go to Gunma where Mana's home. We had an hour and half till the train we booked. I got my hair cut nearby and Mana's family were window shopping around.

We took Ryomo train from Asakusa to Gunma. It takes 2 hours from Tokyo.

Ginza Sembikiya Fruit Sandwich
Ryomo Train
8 years old Pekinese boy, Milk