Day 4

Christmas Eve in Taipei

I still felt jet lag in the morning. I had breakfast with Green tea as always. Mana and I had a plan to go to Taipei in Taiwan for 3 days. I did not have time to prepare so packed my stuff in the morning and went to the airport at 10am. Fortunately, Taiwan is warmer than Japan and wether forecast said it would be around 16℃.

Narita Airport Terminal 3 has been designed an indoor running track by PARTY. That was fresh and the design was how easy to understand which way I should go. Narita Airport Terminal 3 is not so big but still nice design.

Cockpit chair

After four hours flight, We arrived at Taoyuan Airport at 6pm. My friend Kuang picked us up at the airport and stayed us at his place the night. We met in London 3 years ago. He was in London to study at Central Saint Martin. I did not know he got that 5 months aged baby. The baby was smiling during the night.

It was Christmas Eve but there was no Christmas mood in Taipei at all. Kuang and his wife, Chia Lun, took us dim sum restaurant. That was yummy indeed.

Hong Kong cuisine, Bamboo Village

Kuang took us hot spring near his place after dinner.

After that, we got some beer and snacks at the convenience store and had a chat at his place until midnight about how home materials are different between Europe and Asian.