Day 5

Gourmet city Taipei

I almost forgot if I did not say it was Christmas. Kuang went out to get proper Taiwanese breakfast for us from popular street food shop. Peanut soy milk, egg crape, rice roll. The rice ball was my favourite. The rice ball used to be for breakfast in general but young people eat it even after lunch nowadays, Chia Lun said.

Chia Lun took us her parents' traditional bakery shop in the market. There are many local shops in the market and I got some mushroom chips at there. Kuang and Chia Lun bought dry mango and beef jerky for me as souvenir.

We had lunch after we left the market. Kuang and Chia Lun took us Taiwanese street soul food. We had several times until 2pm such as, chicken rice, stinky tofu, fish soup, dry noodle, deep fried veg & oyster and almond jelly. I was super full during the day.

Mushroom chips
Dragon fruits
Taipei hipster coffee shop

We had booked a room at Amba Hotel at that night. Kuang lifted us to the hotel at 3pm. Kuang and Chia Lun would have Christmas party at their place so we separated there.

After we checked in the hotel, Mana had booked spa at Regent Hotel for 2 hours so I had nap for 4 hours at the hotel. We went out for dinner and night market around 8pm. We went to Izakaya style restaurant. That was cheap. Each plate costs 100 Taiwan Dollars (TWD) which is around £2. We ordered four plates and that was less than £10 for two in total. How cheap they were.

We got a taxi which costed 130 TWD (£2.7) to get the night market where 15 min away from our hotel. We had some Xiaolongbao which a portion costs 8 TWD (16p). The market opened until midnight. We got a taxi around 11ish to get our hotel. I was totally full and got satisfied.