Day 12

Happy New Year 2016!!

1st January 2016
I got back to my friend's place by taxi around 9am and had a sleep for 4 hours. New Year is always in sunshine. I have never had rainy New Year in my life. I had corn dog a.k.a American dog with rice balls for lunch. I don't think the American dog is tasty but it's always my favourite.

I left my friend's at 3pm and decided to do my first visit of the year to a shrine in Shinagawa. But people were queuing everywhere and looked it would take for a couple of hours so I gave up doing in Shinagawa.

It was at 7pm when I got home. It was already dark. I went to nearest shrine before dinner. No one around the shrine. People usually visit a shrine between immediately after New Year's Eve and day time of New Year so that was what was to be expected.

Many lanterns hung on by the road. There was no sound and lights were not bright enough so I could not see steps exactly. I went up the stairs to top of mountain and worshipped at the shrine.

Dinner was on the table when I back home.