Day 15

Last go out with my friends in Tokyo

4th January 2016
Last day of this trip in Japan. My mom served salmon roe on rice a.k.a Ikura Don.

My mom and I went to shopping for souvenir. My home town is famous as a peanut groundnut area. I went to Orandaya (Holland House) to get them.

I headed to Shinjuku by bus and meet up with Mana. We had Yakitori for lunch at Omoide Yokocho in Shinjuku.

After lunch, we took bus and went to FUGLEN TOKYO which is a modern cafe and bar near Yoyogi Park to meet up with JR and Yuki. They just came back to Japan from San Francisco the day before.

I had not had coffee in Japan because there are not so many coffee shops around. Starbucks are everywhere,  though, not my favourite. When I had flat white at FUGLEN, I recognised my body wanted coffee indeed. I hope more coffee shops like Brooklyn coffee whatever the name would come to Japan instead of Brooklyn Doughnut.

After we said good bye to JR and Yuki, we went to Uokin in Hamamatsucho to catch up with another friends. Hamamatsucho is more like business area. Usually full of business people in the town but it was quiet and seemed like most company still not started yet.

She is the only one who has a selfie stick in my friends

I had food and a couple of drinks at Uokin. And left there earlier to headed to my friend's bar, Cafe & Bar Pig, near my home at Kisarazu in Chiba.