Day 11

New Year's Eve and good bye 2015

31st December 2015
Last day of 2015. Everyone says New Year's Eve in Japan is like Christmas Eve in the UK. Mana and I had breakfast at mine and lunch at curry restaurant nearby. She got a bus to Tokyo and headed to Gunma to spend time with her family.

I did jogging with Kikujiro before dinner. My mom cooked dinner with Toshikoshi Soba which we traditionally have before New Year. There are some long hit TV programs on New Year's Eve. My family choose Kōhaku Uta Gassen which is music program by NHK as always.

I got last bus to Tokyo to hang out with my friends. When I got my friend's place, they were watching another popular comedy TV program, Zettai ni waratte wa ikenai series. We watched some TV programs until 4am and headed to my friend's bar, Raccos Bar, at Hatagaya again. Spending at friend's place, moving to the bar and going to a shrine in the morning. That is the proper New Year's Eve for us.

The bar was busy even it was 4am. We had a couple of drinks there and had lottery between customers at the end as always. We bet ¥5,000 each and only one person can take them. 11 people were in the bar so gathered ¥55,000 (£300) in total. My friend prepared teeth sticks and mark one of them. Everyone took each stick at the same time. I lost. There are some mess at the end. My friend cannot close the bar even it was already around 8am. We waited for him at Gyudon place, Matsuya, for an hour but some customers were still at the bar. We gave up going to shrine in the morning.