Day 10

Spring (Winter) cleaning and met my nephew for the first time

30th December 2015
We clean up in the house at the end of year as Japanese tradition. My room is no longer mine so my mom wanted me to sell or throw my stuff away. I sold my turn tables, guitar pedals, monitor speakers, keyboards, piano and comics on Yahoo! auction. I needed to dispose my bended IKEA desk at the end. We need to put rubbish in the yellow bin bag in my home area then we do not need to pay for it. I decided to cut my IKEA table.

My brother who got married 5 years ago and lives countryside surprisingly visited to home with his family in the afternoon. That was for the first time to see my nephew who is 3 years old.

My primary school

I left my home at 3pm and took a train to Kameido to have dinner with Mana and my London friend, Kota Suizu. Kameido is Tokyo downtown where is located an hour and half away from my home. We chose Kameido because my friend grown up in the area and he suggested famous broiled innards place, Horumonaoki.

We met at the station at 5pm and went to a standing Izakaya next to the Horumonaoki. We had a couple of drinks at there. Around 7pm we went to Horumonaoki. People were queuing and we waited for 50 mins with Can Chuhai.