Day 8

Bar hopping and Tokyo night life

28th December 2015
I woke up at 7:30am. Mana was still in the bed. Mana's mom had prepared breakfast for me. Milk was chilling in sunshine as always. Mana's home is surrounded by nature. They need a car to go anywhere and there. There some nice hot spring place nearby. I met Mana's grand parents after a long time. They always welcome to me. I love Mana's home place because of beautiful nature and really nice Gunma foods.

Mana and I left there in the early afternoon and back to Tokyo again. We had lunch with Mana's sister at Shitami-ya where my favourite sauce Katsu-don place in Gunma. That was peak time and we waited for a half an hour to get to the restaurant.

I went glasses shop in Shibuya to change my glass lenses. I got my eyes check and replaced to new lenses which costed ¥6,480.

Long night had begun at 7pm. Today's first drink at Ebisu with my ex-colleague, Sano-kun. He is a developer and runs his own company Bruto. I visited to his studio first and he took me his favourite music bar, BarMARTHA.

That place became my favourite place. The sound system and atmosphere was good. At the evening, BGM was rock. We had three glasses of whiskey there. Sano-kun had booked We went to French restaurant, Bistro CarneSio, afterwards. He had booked the table. More ex-colleagues joined us. We had dinner and drink at there and went to Tequila bar near Ebisu station after that.

Bruto Inc
Bistro CarneSio

I left the bar before 1am to get to Shinjuku 2 Chome where is famous area as gay places. It was last train from Ebisu. I went to the bar, Bar Royal Family. My ex-flatmate, Satsuki-san, managing the bar. Mana and some friends also came to the bar and we had drunk.

The night was not finished yet. I met someone who is a regular customer of the bar. He was dating with a girl at there but failed sadly. He joined us and we drunk until 4am at the bar. Mana and I took a taxi to next place with the lonely guy. We went to next place, Racos Bar, at Hatagaya. My high school friend manages the bar.

Japanese night life is really tough. There is no night bus or any other public transportation also Tokyo is really massive so we have to drink until morning otherwise we have to take taxi which is not so cheap to get home after 12am.

When we got there, we were a bit hungry so had Ramen and Spicy Mexican Taco Rice at the bar.
I was almost sleeping. We left the bar around 5:30am. Satsuki-san gave me her place's key. Fortunately her place is nearby so Mana and I went to her's around 6am. After all Satsuki-san did not come back at that night. She was super drunk and slept whole night (morning?) at her bar, she told me next day.