Day 2

Updating Japanese driver license

22nd December 2015
I had breakfast at home. My parent gave me PASMO card for all transportation. I had to wake up at 6am and leave home at 6:30 to renew my Japanese driver license at Makuhari Driver's License Centre. I took a train before 7am. I expected it would be full of commuters in a train. But fortunately or unfortunately (To be honest, I was exited to take a commuter train as I had't had it for ages), I took earlier one so not so many people were in the train. From my nearest station, Sodegaura station, to Kaihin Makuhari station are an hour and half away.

Half commuters in the train were sleeping

The town was still sleeping and the air was really cold and fresh. The driver license centre opens at 8 and I got there before 8am but people were already queuing. I needed to take my photo and bought ¥6,850 (£40) stumps to renew my license.

I don't remember how many times I queued on the process. I think 6 times at least.I hope someone found new system for this. They only accept walk-in on the day. Therefore, we have to wait for a long time in each stage on the process.

I needed to take an hour lecture

Finally I got my driver license renewed after four hours process. 

I left Kaihin Makuhari around 1pm and went to Akihabara to get some computer stuff.
I called my friend and we decided to meet in Shinjuku to have drink at 2pm.

Leaf mustard rice ball
Curry pan
People were queuing everywhere because of the last day of big lottery in a year

I had a couple of beer and highball with him and left to Shibuya to meet up with other friends.

My last bus is around 11pm from Shinagawa station. I took the last bus to get home. My home is 40 mins away from Shinagawa. My home, Sodegaura in Chiba, is next to Tokyo and really residential area but some restaurants and convenience store never slept. They open 24/7. I felt I am in Japan at that time.