Day 13

Yokohama to see my grandma

2nd January 2016
We have Japanese traditional food, Osechi-ryori, for first 3 days of the year. Basically all foods are put in a box and all can be preserved for a couple of days for mothers to have a rest for the 3 days.

My dad and I went to Nishiya near Yokohama. Yokohama is capital in Kanagawa where is next to Tokyo. We went to there to see my grandma (My dad's mother). She will be 92 years old this June. She's still eat a lot and looks good. My dad's twins. My dad and his twin brother have looked after my grandma since my grandpa passed away 15 years ago.

My cousin's children
Hakone Ekiden is traditional New Year's event
My grandpa's study room