The last working day of the year

18th December 2015
It's been a year since I came to Manchester to join to The Neighbourhood. Things are changing so quick. I feel the first day in Manchester was long time ago. It's cloudy day and shower raining today as usual. Also there is sad moment that our Rob's leaving The Neighbourhood today.

We had leaving lunch for Rob at the best burger shop in Manchester which is called Almost Famous.
Shower rained on the way to our studio
Unboxing presents from the hoods
Our favourite pizza place PLY

I left PLY early to pack my stuff for Japan and heading to London. I packed all my stuff in my suite case but I noticed I have almost nothing to pack.  My suit case is packed only 1/3 and almost empty. I don't need my suit case actually but I think I will get more stuff on the return. 

There were full of people at Manchester Piccadilly station.
Got London Euston after 2 hours train.
East London was in holiday mood even after 1am.