Day 1

My PDP (Personal Development Planning) in 2016

13th April 2016 at 3:30pm
My colleague Alex and I left The Neighbourhood and headed to Manchester Airport for Resonate 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia. Our studio, The Neighbourhood, encourages and helps us to develop ourselves within the business. Alex and I chose Resonate 2016 as our PDP.

We took Lufthansa Airline (a German airline) for whole the trip. The first flight to Frankfurt for transit was an hour and 40 minutes. Once the airplane took off, Alex felt in sleep and he missed Salmon Sandwich we were served. The duration time was ideal actually to have a snack, read a magazine, have a nap, drink white wine then landed. There was no pain at all.

I like reading in-flight magazine because many airlines' have smart things (IoT) page nowadays. I don't know why Lufthansa featured a smart gardening set this time but still interesting.

We landed at Frankfurt Airport 8:50pm (local time) and had an hour 15 min until next flight. That was good to have a pint before boarding.

When we landed in Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, it was around 12am already. We withdrew local currency and got taxi to the apartment we stayed for 4 nights. The taxi was 1,800RSD - Serbian Dinar (£12).

We used airbnb and stayed this apartment which is hosted by MSisters. Unfortunately, we could see only one of them, Milica, though, she was waiting for us when we arrived at the apartment around 1am. I really thank to her.

Finally we were there. We planned the schedule for tomorrow and went to sleep after 2am.

The entrance of the apartment we stayed. It's really dark.